The beauty of our frosted glass films can increase the visual appeal and privacy of all kinds of properties. At Window Protection we have over two decades of experience installing attractive and affordable frosted window films to thousands of businesses and homes across Sydney. We carry only the top quality frosted window film which is backed by a lifetime warranty. You will not find these professional grade materials available through hardware stores! Contact us online or by telephone to request a free, no obligation consultation!


Our attractive, security-enhancing glass frosting service in Sydney has a wide range of applications and benefits, most notably the significant cost savings that can be achieved over installing frosted glass. We can create a frosted glass effect on all kinds of glass surfaces such as windows, doors, and glass partitions in both home or business settings. Our window frosting service in Sydney also offers a low-cost method for reducing heat, glare and the penetration of harmful UV light. It allows many customers to dispense with the purchase of blinds, drapes, or other window coverings. This process also protects privacy without reducing interior illumination.

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All our films and workmanship are covered by a lifetime warranty.


All of our expert window film installers have over 20 years on the job experience.


We pride ourselves on delivering on our promises time and time again.


At Window Protection our glass frosting services offer customers excellent variety and customisation choices. We carry specialised films designed for windows, doors, and partition glass. Our frosting services include both decorative and security enhancing options. Customers can choose to frost only a single window or glass partition, or every glass surface, depending on the look they are aiming for. We offer a convenient instant online quote calculator to assist anyone looking for a rough estimate. Try this popular service to appreciate the many advantages of stylish frosted glass films! Our consultant Arthur will work closely with you to help meet your design objectives. We carry a variety of film thicknesses, opacities, and designs.


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Why do customers request frosted windows? The use of this film reduces heat and glare inside a home or office. It also enhances personal privacy. The application of frosted tinting won’t darken rooms but it will help to improve energy efficiency by cutting out heat from the summer sun and the need for air conditioning. Best of all, our frosting services are a fraction of the cost of installing frosted windows.


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Glass frosting offers impressive aesthetic benefits to homes and offices in Sydney. We can help customers create custom patterns and designs. These decor elements augment glass partitions, and help promote customer brands and logos. Create stunning retail or office displays using this cost-effective technology! Eye-catching frosted glass window films contribute to the prestige of business enterprises and can also be used to enhance windows in homes.


Many customers welcome our personalised services when they seek door frosting tints. Our door frosting service can help customers who want to permit light through their glass doors but also want to keep interiors private. Available in a range of stylish shades, these films can also help advertise a business or home address attractively. We can print out business branding and logo information upon request, too. Enjoy tailored door frosting films at affordable prices!


privacy window tinting

Privacy frosting in Sydney enables customers to maintain an open, bright home or office while still enhancing privacy and security. Valuable items can be safely concealed behind frosted glass, meaning they are no longer a target for potential thieves. Whether used in a kitchen or a boardroom, privacy frosting window and door films will allow natural light in without compromising on privacy.


decorative office window film

Customers appreciate our lovely decorative frosting films as a welcome addition to their home or office. In addition to performing customised business branding, we can also cut out patterns and designs upon request. Our professional installation service help beautify the decor of homes, offices and a wide variety of business establishments. Add elegant and charming touches using our decorative frosting films.


Numerous applications exist for our finely tailored commercial frosting services. Companies ask us to display business names, addresses, brands, logos, or favourite patterns attractively. We have been helping businesses in Sydney create a desirable public image through our expert tinting skills for many years. Consider promoting your premises using our range of commercial frosting solutions.


At Window Protection we aim to make the process of selecting and installing professional grade window films as easy as possible. By offering an online quote system to our customers you can get a price estimate in 30 seconds or less and if you are happy to go ahead we can have your window tint installed in 7 days or less from start to finish.

  • Instant Online Quote

    With our instant online quote system you can access a window tinting price estimate by just answering a few simple questions. This will give you an indication of roughly how much the project will cost as well as helping Arthur to gain an understanding of your project requirements and prepare solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Professional Consult With Arthur

    With over 20 years experience in the window tinting game Arthur is as experienced as they come. After completing the online quote Arthur will give you a call and make a time to visit your property. During the consult he will help to find the optimal solution for you, answer any questions you have an in most cases provide an on the spot no obligation quote.

  • Your Window Tint Is Professionally Installed

    Within 7 days of your order at a time that is convenient for you one of our professional window tinting experts will visit your property and install your chosen window film. We aim for minimal disruption to your home or office environment and offer a lifetime warranty on both our films and workmanship.


Window frosting costs can vary but we can give you an instant online estimate. Click the button below to use our form and get an estimate for your project.



We use professional grade window film not available at hardware stores for the best results possible.

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